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Tax Assessor-Collector & Voter Registrar
Confirmation of District Boundaries and Streets Acknowledgement Form
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When reviewing the list of streets within your jurisdication, pleqase focus on the accuracy of the boundaries. We are only interested in whether or not the residential streets listed are within your jurisdicational boundaries and/or if any residental street(s) have been omitted.

We are not interested in streets containing only commercial businesses or newly created streets for residental development (e.g., newly platted subdivisions or streets where no residences have been built yet) that are not currently in our system. Street designations such as LN, DR, etc. are not required.

If any changes have been made to your jurisdicational boundaries since your last election, you must submit a current jurisdicational boundary map with streets and/or a list of streets with block ranges within your jurisdication so that we can update our records (Texas Election Code, Section 18.001(b)).

Once you have finalized your review, please complete the attached Confirmation of District Boundaries and Streets Acknowledgement form, sign and return it to our office via:

  • E-mail:
  • Office:   713-274-3297
  • Fax:        713-368-2379
  • Mail:       Voter Registration Department
                     P.O. Box 66
                     Houston, TX 77001

Thank you for your assistance in conducting a street review. If you have any questions regarding your jurisdictional boundaries, please contact the Harris County Voter Registration Department via email at: