Ann Harris Bennett
Tax Assessor-Collector & Voter Registrar

March 2018 Election Post-Harvey FAQ

Below, please find a list of common questions and answers you may have after Hurricane Harvey related to your voter registration and the upcoming March 2018 Primary Election. If you do not see your questions answered here, please feel free to contact our office at 713-274-8200 and a member of our voter registration support staff would be happy to assist you.


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    Q. Where can I replace my driver’s license?

    • You may replace your driver’s license at any Texas Department of Public Safety location. Find the nearest one to you here.
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    Q. How much does a replacement ID cost?

    • Due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey, DPS has agreed to waive the fee for a replacement ID. Click here to see a list of what other required documents are needed to replace your ID.
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    Q. What if I need to replace my birth certificate?

    • Fees for replacement birth certificates post-Harvey have also been waived. Visit here to order a certified copy of your birth certificate or visit the Harris County Clerk’s Office.
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    Q. Can I receive a new voter registration certificate?

    • Yes, and our office can assist you in this matter. Please contact our office at 713-274-8200 or visit the downtown location of the Harris County Tax Office at 1001 Preston, 2nd Floor.

Voter Registration

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    Q. If I am temporarily displaced but intend to return to my permanent residence where I am currently registered to vote, must I update my voter registration?

    • No. If you are currently registered at your permanent residence which you intend to return to in the future, you need not make any updates or changes. You must also vote in your home precinct if voting on Election Day. Remember to double-check your Election Day polling location in case of changes. If a displaced voter has been placed on the suspense list, they are eligible to vote in the March 2018 Primary Election. The voter will be asked to fill out a Statement of Residence (SOR) to update their address information. Voters can access their residence status at
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    Q. If I do not intend to return to my old residence and have moved to a new address, must I update my voter registration?

    • Yes, you must update your voter registration to the address where you intend to reside. If you wish to vote in the March 2018 election, you must update your voter registration by the deadline, February 5, 2018.
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    Q. If I moved to a new residence within the same county, may I update my voter registration online?

    • Yes, if your registration is current and active, you may update your address online here.

Election 2018

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    Q. When is Election Day?

    • March 6, 2018
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    Q. What is on the ballot?

    • During even-numbered years, the two major parties (Democrat and Republican) conduct a Primary Election on the second Tuesday in March to elect their nominees in the November General Elections. On the ballot will be candidates from each party for Federal, State and County elected offices.
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    Q. What if my polling place flooded?

    • Check the Harris County Clerk’s website often for the most updated information on your polling location.
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    Q. Is there Early Voting?

    • Yes, Early Voting will run from February 20th through March 2nd. Check the Harris County Clerk’s website for an Early Voting location near you. Because you can vote at any location during Early Voting, we highly encourage everyone to vote early to avoid confusion on Election Day.
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    Q. Should I vote in my home precinct?

    • You should vote in your home precinct if you intend to continue residing at that address. If you intend to move, be sure to update your address by the voter registration deadline (February 5, 2018). If you intend to move out of the county entirely, be sure to register at your new address by the above deadline.
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    Q. Can I request a mail ballot?

    • If you have moved out of the county temporarily, but intend to return to your home precinct when you’re able, you may request a mail ballot. Be sure to turn in your mail ballot application as soon as possible; it must be received by the Harris County Clerk’s Office by Friday, February 23, 2018.
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    Q. How do I request a mail ballot?

    • Visit the Harris County Clerk’s Office website or call 713-755-6965.
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    Q. Do I need an ID to vote?

    • Yes. The same rules in effect for the 2016 elections are in effect for the March 2018 Primary Election. Click here for more info on ID requirements and on the other options that may be available to you. See information provided above on replacement driver’s licenses and birth certificates.