June 22, 2016

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Keep Harris County Government Local

Mike Sullivan Applauds Rep. Joe Pickett for Fighting Back Against TxDMV

Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan is proudly backing a move to help keep Harris County government processes under control at the local level.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board voted to consolidate printing and mailing operations, moving the work of 254 Texas Counties and farming the services out to Xerox, a for-profit state contractor.

"Xerox was not elected by the citizens of Harris County to process and mail their important documents and transactions with my office. This is a terrible move that does not meet the public's expectation of privacy and protection of personal and confidential information," said Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan.

Click here to read State Rep. Joe Pickett's Letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Sullivan asked, "Does TxDMV have the authority to take statutory responsibilities away from the Tax Assessor-Collector and give them to a private entity without the authorization of the Tax Assessor or their respective Commissioner's Court?"

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