September 15, 2020

Laura Aranda Smith
Director of Communications

Harris County Voter Registrar Ann Harris Bennett Announces Countywide Billboard Campaign to Increase Voter Registration before October 5 Deadline

Seven Billboards Located on Heavily Travelled Freeways

Harris County, TX - Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector & Voter Registrar, Ann Harris Bennett, announces the installation of seven billboards designed to inform the public about the upcoming October 5, 2020 voter registration deadline.

“The newly installed billboards are located in high-traffic areas of Harris County to help spread the important voter message about the upcoming voter registration deadline,” Bennett said. “This educational initiative reminds the public to register to vote before the October 5, 2020 deadline to vote in the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election.”

State law requires that eligible voters register 30 days prior to voting in any election.

Voter registration applications in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese are available for download by visiting the Tax Office website at www.hctax.net. Eligible unregistered voters may fill out the Texas Secretary of State’s Informal Online Voter Registration Application and print out a postage paid ready-to-mail voter registration application at www.VoteTexas.gov. Postage paid voter registration applications are also available at www.Vote411.org from the League of Women Voters – Houston.

“Registered voters who have moved, or who have changed their names should update their voter registration status by Monday, October 5, 2020,” added Bennett. “Making updates to your voter record now will help ensure a faster check-in on Election Day and minimize your time at your selected polling location.”

All applications must be postmarked by October 5, 2020 in order to be accepted by the state’s 30-day voter registration deadline.